October 21, 2012

{The Nursery}

I have been thinking it might take MONTHS to finish the nursery! I still need to get pictures taken of this baby, print the pictures and hang them.  
I Also want to order her name in vinyl to hang over the crib. 
But I can't very well do that until this little bundle is born and I see her face to decide on her name . . . which brings me to the BIG QUESTION in my life right now,

“When is she going to be born???”

Presently, I’m 6 days from my due date!  
CRAZINESS if you ask me. 

All my babies have come about 2 weeks early. So this is NEW territory for me. I feel hard little body parts all squeezed inside of me. I am having a hard time figuring out if I am having an contraction or if I am feeling a little foot, back or leg?! 

I can't complain, I have had a great pregnancy, but I am READY to meet this baby girl and see who she looks like!
I am getting soooo excited!!!!!!

I’ve received a few emails about when I was going to post pictures of the nursery. 
So here are a few pictures I shot today.  

The walls are totally blank, as well as on top of the armoire, but I hope you can see my vision for the nursery!  
I REALLY wanted a super clean palette, so I used A LOT of white (which I LOVE),I am SUPER excited about how it's turning out.
   I never thought I was a PURPLE person, but I am really enjoying the calming affect it has on me!  

Anyways...I think I have done all shades of pink over the past 10 years and I wanted something new.  

I suppose I wanted a decorating challenge in a sense :)

The Quit, Bumper, rug and Sheet came from Pottery Barn Kids 
The crib skirt came from a VERY talented lady on Etsy

The end table is an old piece I already had, I painted it to match the room.

The lamp, pillows, and curtains I found at DownEast Home also (PBK)

I had a slipcover sewn for my existing rocking chair! 
I also had a window cushion sewn to match the room. I found the fabric for that at Home Fabric for only $2.00 a yard! 

The Light comes from Pottery Barn Kids


  1. It is adorable! I love the color choices...it's so bright & fresh. I hope your sweet little girl arrives soon! I've always gone at least a week early with all of my kids too! Good Luck!!

  2. Such a beautiful nursery Heidi...I just love it! Just wondering if you would share the paint color on the walls...it looks so good with all the white! Hope your little girl arrives soon too! ~Deb~

  3. So beautiful! Love the colors! You do such a wonderful job. Now come decorate my house! :)

  4. I can hardly believe you're still pregnant. That's awesome though - she will be well baked! :)
    The nursery is beautiful!

  5. Super cute Heidi! Thank you for sharing. Hoping your new bundle of joy arrives healthy & soon!

  6. It is beautiful, and I just love it! Good luck with all you have coming up, and enjoy that baby girl!

  7. This has got to be the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen.

  8. This has got to be the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen.

  9. You;re right - the purple is unexpectedly soothing. What a nice touch it adds!
    My favorite things were the hand-made ones, such as the crib skirt, curtains and slipcover. You showed great restraint, too. Bravo!

  10. I stumbled upon your blog today. This nursery is darling!! Best of luck with your new little one.

  11. Hi! MegJill's mom here - Ditto to everything she said. It's gorgeous!

  12. Lovely, peaceful place. Did the little purple fairy pillow come from Downeast Home? Is that a local store, ie no online? I'd also love to know the blue paint color...LOVE!

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  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I can't find the princess fairy pillows. Where did you get them?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Would you mind sharing the paint color? It's gorgeous!

    1. RAINWASHED from Sherwin. Its A LOT lighter in person!!

  17. gorgeous! My husband and I are using this room for inspiration!:) where did you get the rug?? It's perfect!!

  18. Pottery Barn Kids... But there is a rug on overstock that looks just like it, half the cost! I have a link on my Facebook page!

  19. Just curious...are the curtains "black out". Thank you,

  20. The white curtains, are they black out? Trying to find room darkening curtains that are still light and pretty. Thank you.

  21. I love the framed pictures...What size are the prints that you put in the frames?

  22. I seriously LOVE the purple and turquoise together! Pinning!

  23. Please share the wall paint color! This nursery is beautiful! Great job!


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