March 17, 2014

{Wallpaper Giveaway… Winner! }

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March 4, 2014

{Master Closet Reveal and GIVEAWAY!!!!}

Phew. . . I have been working on my Master Closet in what seems like FOREVER!
I am so HAPPY to finally have it done!!! YAY!!!

Here are all the fun BEFORE and AFTER pictures!
I can't believe the difference wallpaper made to such a simple, not so pretty space! Now I feel happy every time I need something from my closet. Which surprised me how often I walk into this little corner of my home. Some of you might wonder why I would spend time and money in a space that nobody sees. I have always had the policy that "It's the little things that make life so special" I love to have bits a beauty all around me, to fully enjoy it for myself and not for others.  Am I worried about resale …NOPE… I say Live in the moment, do what makes you happy now! Why waste any time loving the space you're in :)

But…I have MORE exciting NEWS!!!!!  Who wants to win some WALLPAPER of their own?!?

My friend over at WALLPAPER WAREHOUSE have been ever so generous and is offering one lucky winner 
$150 dollars towards any wallpaper 
of their choice!!!

For those of you that are interested in the paper I used… 
you will find it HERE!

Wallpaper Warehouse has the best prices around! Their customer service is also AMAZING. I had to exchange one of my wallpaper rolls. I was beyond impressed how they took care of me and my slight hiccup!

 Here is more info about their their GREAT company! 
I found it very interesting!  

Ok now for what we have been waiting for...


Ok…on to the FUN STUFF!! The pictures and how to WIN some wallpaper of your own :)

My closet before was PRETTY boring. Standard you would say...

I walked straight into a LONG double bar of clothing! And even less appealing was the top of my shelf where my could only place random shoes and such, ugh!

As I gave my closet a bit more thought, I came up with the idea of opening up the middle and adding full-length mirror to the center of the closet.  So instead off walking into a dead end of clothing, it opened up the room. I also had my AWESOME hottie husband ;) add a double shelf on top for plenty of shoes.

On top of my side shelves was a lot of wasted space, so I had Brett build a few more on top...notice what he did in the AFTER pictures!

After much prep work the wallpaper began!


Ok…. Here is how to be entered to win!

#1 Become a blog FAN of Home By Heidi

#2 Become a Fan off Home By Heidi on Instagram…
Click... HERE

#3 I would LOVE it if you also LIKED my Facebook Page…
Click HERE

You get one entry per comment …Oh and also let me know what you are planning on doing with your NEW wallpaper. 
SUPER EXCITED for you all to get your WALLPAPER on!!!

Contest ends March 14th
Winner will be announced March 16th Via Blog and Instagram!!

Here is a Sneak Peak of the closet all arranged, 
shoes in, clothes hung and ALL my many accessories in place and well organized….
Watch for a post of ALL the fun details!!!

February 21, 2014


I have been trying out a lot of Pinterest recipes… 
Some good - some REALLY bad! 

So far my favorite one has been:

I have made this sauce in the past, but the recipes have either had too many ingredients or the flavor wasn't really what I was after.

This one is SUPER tasty and Sooooo EASY!!! This is a MUST! 
I used my FAVORITE ranch dressing Chiz Ranch (a local favorite) and only 1/4 of a JalapeƱo and I doubled the Cilantro!

I love to pair it with any Mexican dish. My family's favorite is with Rotisserie Chicken tacos! :)


February 3, 2014

A BIG Thank you!

Hey All…I just wanted to send out a quick post and THANK everyone that has been such a HUGE support to me over the years of blogging! 

I just recently hit over 6,000 followers on Pintrest and was featured among other 
48 Inspiring Home Improvement boards. 

I also wanted to remind everyone that since that addicting  Instagram made its debut(smile) I have been a lousy blogger, I admit it :(  
But I promise to continue to do the best I can and post the BIG stuff! 
The little stuff you can follow me daily 

Sending the Love and Thanks!!!


January 1, 2014

{Hallway & Stair Trim}

Happy New Year!  
At the end of a year, I tend to look back and think about the highs and lows of the year, but particularly reflect on the things that have changed for the better! I like to remind myself of this insightful saying.... The ONLY thing we can guarantee in life is that it is ALWAYS changing! 

Good thing I am OK with change:) I was looking through some old pictures and I can't believe the transformation my little house has made over the past 7 years! Here are a few pictures of how far we have come with something as simple as the hallway and staircase. It's amazing how such a simple thing can make such an impact!  



I am loving all the white... and also this adventure that my hubby and I are having with this small cottage of ours.  

I am able to express myself and try out all the fun trends without breaking the bank, or having to commit long term.  I guess you could say I'm in in the experimental phase of my life. 
Preparing the final project:)  
Crossing my fingers it goes as planned in the next few years!

October 24, 2013

{ Strawberry Party}

PHEW...what a CRAZY and BUSY week! 
We had Madeline's 1st Birthday Party tonight! 

I thought I should HURRY and post the pictures, so I could enjoy some fun upcoming events! 

I decided on a Strawberry Theme Party! 

Her very first Halloween we dressed her up as a little strawberry, so I thought it was only fitting to do the same this year!

We had lots of fun this evening,  with lots of laughs, 
videos and pictures!  

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